SKIMS by Kim Kardashian - Is it Worth it?


A month after Kim Kardashian West launched her shapewear line, SKIMS, I can finally give my followers an honest review! Originally the line was supposed to be called Kimono. I’m so glad she changed it, because I am Japanese-American, and my community was pretty upset at her original name. I love the name SKIMS though, it has a great ring to it, and now that it’s been out for a month, a bunch of my fashion/beauty community peers come up to me and ask “Ohhh, are you wearing SKIMS?”  

On September 5th, a few days before the SKIMS launch date, a kind delivery man dropped off a SKIMS PR package to me. I received eight different styles of SKIMS solutionwear in eight different shades. I was super excited about it and I unboxed it on YouTube as you guys might have seen it, if you subscribe to my channel. Everything was super tight at first, but I got it on. The XXS/XS  (fits sizes 00 to 2) that looked so tiny by itself, did end up fitting me well. If you want to see me try on all of them on camera, I highly suggest you watch my YouTube video! 

I’ve worn a few of the styles out, and I get asked questions everyday if I love it and they should buy it, and the answer is still YES.


My favorite of the SKIMS collection has to be the Sculpting Bodysuit in the shade Sienna. It is a perfect Nude color for me. It is the deepest of the tan nudes and the warmest tone and goes well with my skin tone. I also love the sculpting bodysuit because it can be worn as a top and looks great with pants. It is a regular brief material and I found those to be the most comfortable in her shapewear collection. 

wearing skims under.JPG

I also like the Sculpting Mid Waist Brief and wore it to a fashion show last night under a see-through dress. I am 5’5” and I have been told I have a long torso, but the mid-waist actually sits high-waisted on me and does not roll down. I have this one in shade Mica, and it also blended well with my skin and it wasn’t obvious under my nude sheer skirt. 

The Sculpting High Waist Brief, I have in the shade Clay, it’s a cool tone nude shade. It sits super high-waisted on me,  right under my breast area, so when the times comes, I will wear it. I haven’t had a moment or outfit to wear it with, but I will most likely wear it with a dress and not a two-piece outfit. 

black thong skims.JPG
black skims under dress.JPG

The core control thong I have in the shade onyx, which is a black color. I love this one under tight dresses and it really accentuates the waist. I wore it all night for several hours to an event, and although I felt very confident and held in under my tight sequin tube dress.  Sitting for hours with the thong back does create an uncomfortable feeling. I highly recommend the thong for under tight dresses for dancing, events, red carpets, photoshoots, etc etc. but sitting for long hours can be a little painful. 


The sculpting bras are super comfy. I have two shades, Ochre and Clay. Ochre is one of my fave shades in the SKIMS collection. It is a nude with a pink tone and it’s super cute! If you are like me and don’t enjoy bras, and would rather wear a sports bra over any other bra, this is a great alternative. I also got it in XXS/XS but I think that S/M would fit me as well. I am a 32D and the size chart says the fullest part of your bust should be 35” and that is the S/M measurement so I’d actually go wit S/M for my next bra purchase. 

I also have the SKIMS waist trainer and I wore it in my home and I love that it’s soft and doesn’t smell like rubber. Other waist trainers I’ve had before were so uncomfortable that it makes you want to puke and also smells super bad. 


The sculpting bodysuit mid-thigh I have in the shade umber and it’s a gray nude tone. It’s very pretty and I never thought I would wear a bodysuit in that color but I actually really like it. The bodysuit itself I’d probably wear it under a jacket and with pants since it has the shorts on the bottom. I saw Kim wear it with a blazer and pants and it looked really nice. 

Overall, I truly enjoy SKIMS, it truly gives me that extra confidence in wearing tight clothes it’s a great solution to wearing body contouring items. Not just that, honestly, they are cute under garments to wear under your clothes, and the bodysuits and barrettes are literally just another cute comfy clothing item for me. Whether you are into shapewear or not, because before this I never really wore shapewear, I think SKIMS is a great addition to your closet and also great as a gift. I love that the sizes range from XXS to 5X and it is truly for every body type and shape! :)

If you want to see my try-on haul video, please watch it on YouTube and leave a comment here or any of my socials

Love you all! Thanks for reading! :)

XOXO Arika

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