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Every little monster has been waiting for this moment. Lady Gaga launched her new makeup line, HAUS LABS in partnership with e-commerce powerhouse Amazon!

I love Lady Gaga, she is super talented, and knows how to put on a show! I had a chance to meet her at her HAUS LABS launch party, and she is just so lovely! :)

Let’s talk about her makeup line!

Armor Masque - A beautiful re-usable sticker that resembles a masquerade mask!  

Eye Armor Kit - comes with wingtip stickers to create a tip of a sharp winged liner + a liquid eyeliner called EYE-LIE-NER because she says, makeup is a type of “lie” 

pop star makeup tutorial.JPG

I used her eyeliner in my HAUS LABS tutorial and it’s a great liquid liner! The shade is called “PUNK” and it is a matte black shade, dark and user-friendly. When a liquid liner captures too much liquid, it’s hard to use. Also if it’s too dry, it doesn’t come out matte or dark enough, and I find that the HAUS LABS one was just right. 

Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder - Liquid Glitter eyeshadow powders. They are buildable and movable. It’s liquid to powder and it dries, but the good thing about this material was that it was easy to move even after it was applied to the surface. I even used it on the lips! My favorite shade was legend, and it’s a gold color. I also used chained ballerina which is a black shade and the shade biker which is gun metal. I used rose b*tch on the lips, which is a light mauve color. Dynasty is a green shade and Aphrodite is a light silvery nude. 

Le Riot Lip Gloss - The lip gloss also comes in six different shades. My favorite shade is a nude called “corset.” The shades are Attitude, Venus, Blaze, Entranced, Scream. 

RIP Lip Liner - The Lip Liners are pencil lip liners and are soft and creamy. My favorite shade is Myth which is a brownish nude. The other shades are En pointe (a light pale nude), Drag (a purple shade), Ride (red), Rule (dark red), Slayer (Violet). 

Overall, the HAUS LABS collection by Lady Gaga is affordable and a great makeup collection! I love the Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powders because they are user-friendly glitter eyeshadows. If you want to see how I used everything please watch my tutorial! I did a complete look! 

Arika Sato