GET RID OF PIMPLES ASAP: Peace Out Acne Dots v. Peter Thomas...

GET RID OF PIMPLES ASAP: Peace Out Acne Dots v. Peter Thomas Roth


Recently I saw my friend with an acne dot sticker on his face and I asked him what it was! I didn’t know there was such a thing as pimple stickers! All I knew about were pimple creams or light therapy! So, since I am curious and am a product junkie, I got some of my own! I got two different kinds of Acne dots and tried them both out! The first one I tried were the Peace Out Acne Dots!

Peace Out Acne Dots $19
After doing some research, (btw I am afraid of strong Acne medicines because I have sensitive skin), I found out that it has hydrocolloid technology in each sticker! It’s basically a medical-grade bandage that they used to use in hospitals to help speed wound healing! Isn’t that wild? The combination of the hydrocolloid with the anti-acne ingredients is what fight’s that pimple off! It is made up of materials that hydrate and absorb! Most of the time, I thought drying was supposed to be a thing, but I realized that drying also makes you break out! Basically what the sticker does is that it keeps your skin hydrated which prevents
scarring, scabbing, and redness, and at the same time it takes out the bacteria out of the zit and you’ll even see it on the bandage when you peel it off! This way you won’t pop your zit and the nasty bacteria won’t spill all over your face! Love that!

The second one I tried was the Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots $30

Peter Thomas Roth is a brand I’ve used in the past, including their masks and face wash’s! I have trusted them because it is a brand I was familiar with too!
These come in sticker form as well, but the ingredients are different. In the PTR dots, they have including salicylic acid and tea tree oil to treat the bacteria from the acne. I’ve used these materials but I didn’t see an immediate disappearance in the pimple, probably because of the materials in the bandage. The PTR dots don’t have hydrocolloid technology like the Peace out Acne and doesn’t guarantee 6-hour results like Peace Out as well!

Overall, I enjoy the Peace Out Dots and I plan to use them for my future blemish’s and breakouts! Especially during those “time of the month” breakouts!


xoxo Arika