Blogger Arika Sato Red Lioness Dress 1
Ever since instagram’s been around, and fashion from all over has popped up on my feed, I’ve found out that Australia seriously has the best clothes! I know the sizes are a bit different, because their size 6/8 is like an XS/S here in the U.S. but they sure know how to come up with some fashion forward things that are pretty inexpensive from what I see! One of the brands that I really love is Lioness! I found them from instagram and they have the cutest stuff at pretty affordable prices! :) This wine colored dress is a classy piece that I really felt comfortable in! It would be perfect for a dinner date or a girl’s night!

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blogger arika sato white striped outfit1

If you noticed on my blog, I RARELY wear pants. I just don’t like them because I feel like I am suffocating in them and I just feel a lot more freedom in shorts/skirts! But this pantsuit changed my mind about pants! :)

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Blogger Arika Sato fourth of july 2
Hey guys! Fourth of July is coming up and I am super excited because it is such a fun holiday to spend with your friends and family and most of all it is SUMMER TIME! :) My favorite season of the year! I will be posting a lot more blog posts of outfit ideas because there are different outfits depending on what activity you’re going to be doing! This outfit is more of an evening, sunset, rooftop BBQ, party outfit!

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2-Blogger Full body maxi dress
Hi loves! So it was another typical Saturday for me. I woke up, went to the gym as usual and had to get ready for my shoot! I decided to shoot in this chiffon maxi dress from House of CB.  I love this dress because it’s very romantic! It’s also super girly and fun, and although it is a maxi dress and looks floor length, it opens up and there’s a mini dress inside. Since the dress is really plain and a soft color, I paired it with my Tom Ford Gold Lock Sandal and they popped with the dress!

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1-BLOG Arika Sato Wolford Coyote Dress 1

I just can’t seem to get enough of this sexy Wolford Fatal Dress that I had to get it in the gray. If you guys follow me on my YouTube channel, I used to absolutely hate gray. I always thought gray was so basic, plain, and just boring. As I grow older, my love for gray has increased, and now I am in LOVE with this color! I also have began to embrace my curves.

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Blogger Arika Sato Black Two Piece OOTD 2

You can never be overdressed or underdressed with black. Black is the safe color for any occasion and works in almost any situation! I recently got this black two piece from Hot Miami Styles, and I love it. I do feel that it can be worn as a red carpet glam outfit because of the color and the long maxi skirt, but I also feel that it can be worn to a casual lunch or hang out because it is a two-piece and a strapless top!

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Hot Miami Styles White Two Piece

Blogger Arika Sato HMS White 2 piece 1

I’ve always loved Maxi dresses, but from men, I’ve heard they are not as sexy because they don’t show leg. However, I feel that when there’s a little bit of the midriff showing, it’s a bit sexier, and that’s why I think this Maxi Two-piece is more attractive than a regular Maxi. This is my first maxi length two piece. I also have a black one but this white one is just so Angelic. I got this set from Hot Miami Styles.

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Blog Arika Sato Fashion Blogger Lace Two Piece

This lace two piece is everything! It is so comfy, like wearing pajamas! I seldom wear loose clothes, and this is probably one of the few pieces I would wear that’s loose! I love the fact that it is all lace, and that it has bell bottoms and bell sleeves. I feel that it gives off that really relaxing, resort feel when the sleeves and bottoms flare out like that.

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Blogger Arika Sato AX Paris 2


I love nude/tan/camel/ all shades of nude because it gives that “naked” look. You aren’t naked and you aren’t baring that much skin, but for some reason that skin tone dress always gives off that sexy bare skin look!  This sexy strapless dress is a number from AX Paris! I have blogged about them before and got another nude dress and loved it so much I went back for more. If you want to get this dress I do have a discount code!

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This Beach Bunny Swimsuit! – Princess Jasmine in a Bikini

Blogger Arika Sato Beach Bunny Swim Blue 2

I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of wearing sparkly bikinis! Pool season is my favorite season, and wearing cute, fancy, glam swimsuit attire definitely makes me the most happiest in the sun. I don’t really care must for COMFORT when it comes to swimwear because you are wearing a tiny little thing anyways so might as well the cutest tiny little thing you can get! I first heard about Beach Bunny when I was in undergrad at UCSD and I saw it in an issue of Sports Illustrated. I looked it up, they only sold it at Gone Bananas in San Diego or Fred Segal and I got my first suit! No one knew about it really, unless you were super into bikinis and swimwear like me. As time passed, I started getting multiple Beach Bunny bikinis online and then soon a store opened by me in West Hollywood. I currently now own about 25 of them, and I am OBSESSED, still! This year I got a few Beach Bunny Bikinis and this one is one of them and my ultimate fave. I love the jewels I love the color and I love the gold details and contrast!

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