Tan + Black Two Piece

Hot Miami Styles Tan Two Piece
I am literally obsessed with two pieces. I just can’t get enough. This little number is too cute! I got it from HotMiamiStyles and they have tons and tons of two pieces! This one is a bit fancier and flashier than the other ones they have because of the beading but I love the glam and the flash, obvi.

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Red + Black



As you guys get to know me and follow me, you will see that my #1 go to outfit when in doubt is ALWAYS, a pencil skirt and a crop top. The reason why is that, you can never be underdressed in a pencil skirt, nor you can never be super overdressed because pencil skirts are traditional, chic, and standard. Some ladies wear it to work, some girls wear it to lunch, and some just wear them every single day like me.

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Sheer Dress – Yay or Nay?

Black Sheer SideI was actually really scared to wear this dress! I thought it was a little bit non-traditional and kinda crossing the line. But I wanted to get it! I really was waiting to bust it out in like Miami or something but I decided it is sort of a winter item, with the longer look,  so I figure I wear this to an event full of glamour girls and gay guys who appreciate this type of of risque taste! I wore it to a makeup party during IMATS weekend for Mac Daddyy’s release of his own line of Morphe Brushes!

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White Playsuit – Sisters The Label

White Romper Sisters the Label Arika Sato

Today was a sunny day in LA. Even though it’s winter, it was like 73 degrees Farenheit! I decided to take out my summer clothes and I found this cute white playsuit. I got this playsuit from Sisters the Label. It is an Australian brand, and can you guys please explain why there are so many cute brands from Australia?! It’s a one size fits all and it fit me great! If you are smaller, I have a 24 inch waist, you just have to wrap it around multiple times. There are 12 ways to wrap it and I decided to wrap it the halter style! I paired it with my go-to favorite Nudist Sandal by Stuart Weitzman. The sunglasses I am wearing are the Bluebird 2 from Dita.

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Chanel Mini Boy Bag

chanel boy

I love my Chanel Mini Boy Bag so much! I really do. I was actually really hesitant to purchase it but I knew that I wanted it. It just seemed like a lot of money ($4300) for a small bag but I realized that it’s classic, it’s amazing, and Chanel is timeless. In my unboxing video on my channel, I talked about how my mom gave me Vintage Chanel and Hermes items for Christmas and I felt it was really sentimental and sweet of her because she bought them before I was born, on her honeymoon with my father.

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Saint Laurent Jane Sandal – The perfect naked shoe

saint laurent jane sandal

My favorite shoe right now is the “naked shoe.” It’s a strappy sandal that looks super thin and delicate almost like you’re not wearing a shoe. My first purchase of this naked shoe was the Stuart Weitzman Nudist shoe that was seen on almost every single celebrity. I got the colors Goosebump Napa, which is a tan color and Pyrite Nocturn, which is a sparkly iridescent gun metal color with gold undertone.

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My New Year’s Eve Outfit

Arika Sato NYE Dress Mac Duggal Las Vegas
Every year I tell myself I probably don’t want to go to Vegas because it is SO COLD over there! But I always end up going, because that’s where EVERYBODY’s going!

This New Year’s Eve, I went to Las Vegas (again) with my friend Anna and met up with a bunch of our other friends from the Hollywood Nightlife scene. We didn’t even have a fabulous New Year’s Eve dinner because we were getting ready for four hours! We just went straight to Hakkasan Nightclub at the MGM where Calvin Harris was spinning. It was a lot of fun because I got to see a lot of the people I wanted to spend it with!

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