Blogger Arika Sato Wildfox
This Wildfox throw is everything! It’s like a blanket + towel so you can use it to lay out on the beach with it but also use it as a blankie on your sofa! It’s perfect for summer because I always find that beach towels are so small I can’t seem to put everything on it and lay out on it as well! This throw is huge, fun, and perfect for a pool day or a beach day with your friends! This throw was given to me as a gift during Coachella Weekend 2 and I am so glad I got it! :) I’ll be using it a lot this summer so watch out for it! :)

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Blogger Arika Barbie Wildfox Stand 1
I’ve always had an obsession with Barbie. Growing up with it as my favorite doll, I loved Barbie and what she stood for, how pretty she was and how fun she was with all her clothes and accessories! I think that’s probably one of the main reasons why I love fashion and beauty so much! I loooved playing with Barbies and I was such a girly girl! I will forever love Barbie! Wildfox Couture, known for their comfy sweaters and tees had a Barbie collab line and I actually attended the launch party of it! I really loved it, it was all pink with pink sparkly trucks and I actually have a vlog on my channel about that event! They seriously make the cutest and biggest and most extreme sunglasses that I really have fallen in love with them!

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Blogger Arika Sato House of CB Mali Dress

I used to always think that maxi dresses or long dresses were not my style. I always thought it looked so amazing on other women, but on me, since I am on the “shorter” side (5 foot 5), I didn’t think the longer style dresses looked good on me. But now,  I am all over it! This blue number called the Mali Dress from House of CB is an in between of a short dress and a long dress. The front is shorter so you can see your sexy legs, and the back is longer, giving it that classy, more dressy look.

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Blogger Arika Sato Coachlla Planet Blue

If you saw my haul, you probably have seen me show these products as my #GLAMCHELLE OOTDs that I picked up! As we enter festival season, Boho Chic looks are definitely the way to go. My style is still GLAM, so I can’t erase that from my taste, but I definitely went with some of the loose tops combined with tight bottoms! My first outfit is my favorite out of all of them! I grabbed the top at Planet Blue on Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills! It’s by Winston White and it is truly the cutest top ever. I love how it’s off the shoulder but also how it just slips on! I love it so much and it’s really comfy as well!

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Blogger Arika Sato Green Body Suit
Bodysuits are hot! Some of the ones I own are considered lingerie, but some are leotards, and can be worn as tops! They remind me of my ballet classes back in the day! I like them a lot because they are secure, tight, and stay in one spot. If it doesn’t fit right, it’ll wrinkle, but it almost always looks good on anyone! Last year, I was addicted to crop tops! This year, I might just be addicted to bodysuits! This very top photo right here is a lingerie bodysuit I got from Victoria’s Secret. It is so beautiful, lacey, and see-through in all the right places so it can actually be worn out as a top with a pencil skirt. I actually am thinking of wearing it out with a brown pencil skirt in the summer time!

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My all time favorite color to wear ever is white! And accessories, I just love gold, because it just screams glam! White is always so crisp and refreshing! The rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day Weekend definitely doesn’t apply to me, because I do wear white in the winter season as well, and in the summer I wear it A LOT! The only thing is, sometimes my spray tan gets on it so I have to bleach my whites! This white bandage two piece is from my favorite bandage dress store House of CB!

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My Playboy Shoot & My Thoughts On Posing Nude

Arika Sato Playboy Blogger ShootHi everyone,

If you guys follow me on my Instagram, or have liked my page on Facebook, then you probably know that I had a chance to do a Playboy shoot! It has always been a dream of mine since I knew about Playboy to be a part of it. Whether it was to be a part of the magazine, to write for it, to attend a Playboy event, I always thought it was so glamorous, classy, and would be such a once in a lifetime opportunity. Growing up, if you ever saw my Draw My Life video,  you know that I grew up being really into my academics, and was never popular, or the pretty girl at school. Actually people called me ugly as a kid. That’s probably one of the major reasons why I promote being girly, glam, and beauty from inside and out so much on my YouTube channel and blog! Well, when I got asked to do a Playboy shoot I was really excited, and happy, and it was sort of, well a dream  come true. For me, being asked to shoot for a glamorous magazine that many famous stars have been a part of was epic, and I was for sure excited to collaborate with them.

For my shoot, we did an influencer shoot, so about my beauty, fashion, and fitness, and we focused on that. The photos are not nude, which Playboy is known for, but to me, I don’t think it’s for me, well at least for now! I truly am happy about my decision for working with them and I wanted to write this little blog to let you guys know, that even if you think your dream is too big, it is never too big and too far, because the more you work hard towards your goals, it will happen. I promise you. I love you guys, and I hope you guys all enjoy my photo gallery and videos! I am so happy I also was the first YouTuber to be shot for Playboy! :)

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xoxo Arika


Classy but Sexy Black + White


I love this look I put together the other day for brunch with my friend on a Saturday Funday! I wore a black bodysuit which is always a great wearable but sexy top from Tobi, and paired it with a white asymmetrical skirt from House of CB. What I love about this look most is that it can be worn day to night and it has that classy feel with the black and white colors!

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Lace Cover Up + Crochet Bikini

Blogger Arika Sato x Lookbook Store Lace Dress

Today I got to work with an amazing fashion photographer Ryan Chua! Of course I had to bring out a cutesy Sunday Funday outfit for this occasion! I wore a crochet tan bikini under from Lookbook Store that is so fun to wear, for a pool party or a sunny day to just lay out. It is an actual swimsuit so you can go in the water but I feel like it is too pretty to get in the water with! I definitely will keep it dry since I always do my hair and makeup for these glam pool party days! Ugh if only I was in the Bahamas! Such a great Caribbean outfit!

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