LAYING DOWN THE LAW: Hook Up Buddies vs. Dating?


Relationships are difficult, that’s why when someone finds someone they love and marry, it’s such a celebratory thing, and so amazing! :) Some of my girlfriends got married early, and trust me, it’s the cutest thing ever! I, however, haven’t reached that point yet, and one day I will be having that happily ever after too!

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daily work outs 2
Summer is almost here, and I know I showed you guys a pretty intense daily workout last week, but this one is even more intense but I promise you will be toned in no time. This is a lot of jumps (cardio), which is amazing for us girls and also arms, legs, and squats! I want you all to get shredded, be toned, and love your body, and see results! So please follow these steps and watch the video and do it with me! :)

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toro caviarHands down my favorite restaurant in LA. Although it is a bit of a drive on the PCH if you are coming from the Hollywood, Beverly Hills area, this is THE date spot! Service is amazing, food is the best, the atmosphere is sexy, it’s just everything! I went here for the second time the other day and I loved every second of it! I am actually going on Saturday again with some friends so I will update this blog post!

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Giuseppe Zanotti Chain Ankle Boots – Rock & Roll Style

Giuseppe Zanotti boots

Being in New York City for a whole week, really inspired me to go out of my shell. First of all, silver isn’t my color at all! Second of all, I am not much of a boot person, although I purchased two while I was in New York. I really am a heel girl, usually pumps or strappy delicate shoes! Loving that style these days. Now that I am back in L.A., I don’t know when I am going to wear these boots but I got them and they are so fun, but a little on the funky side.

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How I got the body that I wanted

IMG_2038 3


Being confident in your own skin is everything! I love working out and I want to share with you guys my work out routine and how I literally got the body of my dreams quickly. It takes a lot of discipline and a lot of motivation, but I do it everyday and I don’t give up. I got a new trainer named Marcus and he is amazing and keeps me going on my work outs.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

MET STEPS ARIKA The MET, is a place where you definitely need to stop by when in New York. Even if you live there, it’s a wonderful place to go, see some beautiful art pieces, and learn a thing or two! I have been to the Met once before, when I was 19, so I didn’t remember much about it. My mother knew I was visiting New York City and she sent me a message saying, you MUST go to the MET. My friends wanted to go too, so on my last day in New York City, I got to go to the MET. When you first walk up, you see the famous Met Steps, the steps they always referred to on the show Gossip Girl.

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