Lace Cover Up + Crochet Bikini

Blogger Arika Sato x Lookbook Store Lace Dress

Today I got to work with an amazing fashion photographer Ryan Chua! Of course I had to bring out a cutesy Sunday Funday outfit for this occasion! I wore a crochet tan bikini under from Lookbook Store that is so fun to wear, for a pool party or a sunny day to just lay out. It is an actual swimsuit so you can go in the water but I feel like it is too pretty to get in the water with! I definitely will keep it dry since I always do my hair and makeup for these glam pool party days! Ugh if only I was in the Bahamas! Such a great Caribbean outfit!

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Girly Music Festival/Coachella #OOTD

Arika Sato Blog Festival OOTD Kandichet Wildfox
Here’s another cutesy but more girly Coachella/Music Festival #OOTD! I love this one because it has more color and it has a girly feel with the pink, and the neutral colors, the tan, white, and the nude! My top is a handmade crochet top from Kandichet! I love it so much because it is knitted and really keeps you cool during a hot music festival day of dancing! My sunglasses probably make the outfit the most and these cute heart sunglasses are from Wildfox! They seriously make the cutest, funkiest sunglasses!

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Arika Sato Shop Tobi x Forever 21 Berry Tones Blog Front
Berry tones are so feminine and beautiful. It reminds me of an elegant, sophisticated woman. I feel it is definitely a more mature color palette but for the lady-like lady. I love berry tones especially wearing them with neutrals like nude, tan, or even this light rose color!

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For those dress like a bum days…

Arika Sato x Comfy OOTD

We all have those chill days, but dressing like a bum doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be looking like a chic hot yoga instructor! When I have those “hangover” days or just “have to run a lot of errands” days, I put on a comfy sporty outfit like this right here. I wear all black, and add some color in with the kicks! My hoodie I just got from Sheinside and it actually looks pretty cutesy and trendy because it’s cropped! I’ve been looking for one of these for a while now and I found the perfect one! :) If you want to match with me get yours here! :) I’m obsessed with mine, I haven’t taken it off!

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Running a 5K with Kendrick Lamar!

Reebok Pump Event Photo Arika Sato
Tuesday evening I was invited by Reebok to run a 5k. Thinking it was just a run I decided to do it because I rarely work out outside. Normally I am always in the gym, so I said ok! That day I received a care package of all Reebok here, as pictured. I am wearing Reebok from head to toe in these photos, including the new #ZPump shoes! They got a lot of celebrities to wear them, including Kylie Jenner and I do really like them because they are super comfortable! :) I didn’t have any issues with them at the gym or on the street and they are my new favorite running shoe. They are pretty loose on the width too so if you have wide feet they will fit you well!

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Think Thin Bars x Arika Sato Blog

If you follow me on all my other social media platforms such as my Instagram, and YouTube channel, you know that I was preparing for the shoot of my life, my Playboy shoot. It was not nude, but it was swimwear/lingerie so I really wanted my body to be on point! Usually my normal diet consists of mostly veggies, some protein (fish), and fruit and veggie smoothies. I usually add quinoa or brown rice to the mix as well! Before the photoshoot I kinda had anxiety to lose weight quickly and I asked my friend for help! He recommended doing a high-protein diet, just for the last day and told me to also pick up these thinkThin bars and now I am in love with them!

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BLACK + WHITE outfit!

Arika Sato x Black And White Leatherette Skirt

You guys all know my obsession with all black, and also my love for crop tops and pencil skirts! I added a little bit of color into this mix today though! Well a little line of white! And it actually made a pretty big statement! I wore this to a beauty blogger event and got some compliments so I think I did ok job putting together this little outfit. The event started at 6 p.m. so it was still bright and I definitely felt like wearing all black would’ve been too night time ish. My crop top is from American Apparel and it is backless!

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What to wear to a wedding!

Arika Sato Floral AX Paris Wedding Dress

Wedding season is coming up and that means you are going to have to ditch the nightclub dress and find a more tasteful, pretty dress that matches a wedding. I like to go with brighter colors or a floral dress. This year, I will be attending a few different events with families and friends and I found the perfect dress for those type of events. Next wedding I am invited it, I will definitely wear this gorgeous dress.

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