As cliche as it sounds, Fashion repeats itself! Denim always comes in these crazy waves! Last year, I wore lots of denim on denim, light color denim tops with darker jeans, darker denim vests with light jeans! Kim K did it, supermodels did it, and lots of bloggers did it! :) Now, it’s coming back but in dress forms..and I am loving this simple zip up denim dress that seems so 80’s yet so modern-chic!

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Summer is my favorite season of the year, because it’s always so fun, so many parties and events, and well it’s bikini season! But in Los Angeles, it’s summer all year long, because it’s sunny allllll the time!  As much as I love wearing neutrals, the colors out of my closet come out during the summer, because my tan is on FLEEK!! Blue has been a color I’ve been wearing a lot lately and I have been really LOVING this blue flowy dress from Just Enaj!

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Blogger Arika Sato Red Lioness Dress 1
Ever since instagram’s been around, and fashion from all over has popped up on my feed, I’ve found out that Australia seriously has the best clothes! I know the sizes are a bit different, because their size 6/8 is like an XS/S here in the U.S. but they sure know how to come up with some fashion forward things that are pretty inexpensive from what I see! One of the brands that I really love is Lioness! I found them from instagram and they have the cutest stuff at pretty affordable prices! :) This wine colored dress is a classy piece that I really felt comfortable in! It would be perfect for a dinner date or a girl’s night!

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blogger arika sato white striped outfit1

If you noticed on my blog, I RARELY wear pants. I just don’t like them because I feel like I am suffocating in them and I just feel a lot more freedom in shorts/skirts! But this pantsuit changed my mind about pants! :)

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blogger arika sato bright smile
I’ve been looking hard for a good teeth whitening pen for a while! One that fits in a purse because I travel a lot and if it’s a huge whitening kit with trays I always forget about it! :) I found the cutest size one with the best results! It’s called HELLO SMILE!

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Blogger Arika Sato Blue Bikini Shot
Yesterday was the Friday before Fourth of July and a bunch of my girlfriends had the day off because of the Holiday! We decided to take a small road trip to Orange County to The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach! It was gorgeous! It is a 5 star Luxury Hotel with so many different sections! I had a room at the Bungalow, so that’s where my girlfriends and I stayed and changed and got ready!

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Blogger Arika Sato in Lisa Blue Swim White

I first found out about Lisa Blue Swimwear about a month ago. I looked at their bikinis and cover-ups and I thought that their suits were so beautiful! What I really liked about Lisa Blue was that they had matching pattern cover-ups to their bikinis, which is pretty hard to find! I feel that cover-ups are difficult to match, and they are such an awkward pieces to shop for! The reason why they are awkward for me is because you really don’t wear them for too long at a pool party/beach, so the ones I have are really not as cute or perfect matches to any of my swimsuits!  Lisa Blue on the other hand carries patterned, stunning, matching cover ups that go perfectly with your bikini!


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Blogger Arika Sato fourth of july 2
Hey guys! Fourth of July is coming up and I am super excited because it is such a fun holiday to spend with your friends and family and most of all it is SUMMER TIME! :) My favorite season of the year! I will be posting a lot more blog posts of outfit ideas because there are different outfits depending on what activity you’re going to be doing! This outfit is more of an evening, sunset, rooftop BBQ, party outfit!

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How I spend my Sundays – Melrose Place Farmers Market + Lady M Cake Boutique

Blogger Arika Sato Juicy Rover farmers market
Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. Not only is it a day of relaxation because normally I don’t have much work to do, but the Farmers market is in town! I like to go to the Melrose Place Farmers Market on Melrose Place. It’s not overcrowded like the Hollywood one and they have great fresh flowers, organic fruits and veggies, and freshly made juices! It was really hot today, 90 degrees fahrenheit so I was sweating! Good thing I took off my extensions because that would cause me to be even more hot!

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Arika Sato Sober is Glam Head Shot

It’s been exactly 12 days since I’ve been sober! I haven’t had a single drop of my favorite champagne Dom Perignon Rose, or my usual cocktail, Grey Goose soda. I am starting this journey because I realized that I don’t need alcohol to have a fabulous time, nor do I need alcohol to better my life, or accomplish my mission in life which is to be a better person. I went down that path many many times, crazy party nights, staying up until sunrise and I saw my face change.

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